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Enterprise Technology IT, Enterprise IT Strat...

Establishing sustainable GDPR compliance

By Alan Rodger 11 Mar 2016

Enterprise Technology IT, Enterprise Decision...

Aligning GDPR Compliance with Existing Business Objectives

17 Aug 2018

A strategic, sustainable approach requires aligning business objectives with compliance requirements in order to gain better control of data. This offers the enterprise the potential to exploit benefits across all its data-driven initiatives.

Enterprise Technology IT, Enterprise Services...

GDPR empowers customers, creates business risk

04 Jun 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in force throughout the European Union gives consumers new rights and powers regarding access and use of their personal data by businesses. While those powers are intended for individuals, they create a unique opportunity for collective action.


Accelerating GDPR Compliance with Cognitive Search


Accelerating GDPR Compliance with Cognitive Search

12 September 2018



Enterprise Decision Maker

GDPR launches: Can security projects now have some funding?

By Maxine Holt 29 May 2018

After all the hype, the endless emails from organizations requesting consent, and the appointment of data controllers and data processers, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force last week.

Enterprise Technology IT, Enterprise Decision...

Ovum Market Radar: GDPR Data Breach Management and Reporting

By Alan Rodger 19 Nov 2018

The obligation imposed by GDPR to inform regulators and possibly affected EU citizens formally (as well as greatly increased potential non-compliance penalties) escalates the importance of handling breach reporting, and requires solution-based support.

Consumer and Entertainment Services

Austrian privacy group files GDPR complaints against streaming companies

By Simon Dyson 22 Jan 2019

Eight streaming companies including the two biggest music subscription services in the world, Apple Music and Spotify, have been hit by complaints over their adherence to General Data Protection Regulations that were introduced in the European Union in May.

Enterprise Technology IT, Enterprise Decision...

Security under GDPR requires a holistic strategy beyond Article 32

21 Aug 2018

Article 32 of GDPR endorses specific technical security measures. However, the reality of effective security under GDPR is far more cross-functional and integrated, spanning multiple articles and involving workflows that bridge departments and roles.

Enterprise Technology IT, Enterprise Decision...

California Consumer Privacy Act follows in GDPR's footsteps

03 Aug 2018

Applying to all organizations that conduct digital business with Californians, the California Consumer Privacy Act will have a wide reach not unlike GDPR, effectively incentivizing the broad adoption of similar data protection standards nationwide.