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  • IoT impact of COVID-19 - An early view

    Omdia - IoT Cybersecurity Intelligence Service, Omdia - IoT ...

    IoT impact of COVID-19 - An early view

    This report offers an early view of how COVID-19 is likely to affect the IoT market and, more specifically, IoT demand in various industry verticals.

  • COVID-19 crisis helps put security in context

    Omdia - Cybersecurity - Threat Mitigation Technology Intelli...

    COVID-19 crisis helps put security in context

    In our globalised world, high-profile events such as Covid-19 have huge business impacts, some of which may be felt by CISOs. What responsibilities do security professionals have in such circumstances?

  • COVID-19 Omdia Analyst Advisory: Security


    COVID-19 Omdia Analyst Advisory: Security

    Wrap-up of free stuff to help with the security challenges presented by Covid-19.

  • COVID-19 Omdia Analyst Advisory

    Enterprise IT

    COVID-19 Omdia Analyst Advisory

    Wrap-up of free stuff to help with the challenges presented by Covid-19

  • Podcast - AI and COVID-19

    Artificial Intelligence, Tractica

    Podcast - AI and COVID-19

    This Omdia podcast covers the application of AI in dealing with the COVID-19 problem.

  • Internet of Things

    IoT set to play a growing role in COVID-19 response

    IoT, specifically and especially when combined with other transformative technologies such as the cloud and AI, has seen use in a wide range of applications during the crisis.  

  • Media & Entertainment

    COVID-19 impact on digital consumer services significant but not uniformly negative on all segments

    In the current climate of a rampaging coronavirus across the planet, the impact of the pandemic on the global consumption of digital services will be significant, and recovery will be slow and difficult.  

  • Industrial Technology

    Strong uplift in shipments expected for ventilators, despite current extreme shortage

    As the daily toll of those sickened from the coronavirus continues to rise across the globe, an acute shortage of ventilators is prompting a desperate search for the critically needed machines, prompting government-led initiatives as well as private-sector partnerships to come up with new ventilator solutions. 

  • Internet of Things

    IoT the Extraterrestrial – 10 million satellite connections launching by 2025

    The IoT is blasting off into space, with cumulative satellite connections expected to rise to more than 10 million by 2025.

  • Digital is critical for those in self-isolation

    Media & Entertainment

    Digital is critical for those in self-isolation

    COVID-19 is on everybody’s mind and will certainly remain so for months, quarters, and years to come. The coronavirus outbreak will have many impacts on multiple industries, some extremely negative but also some positive.

  • IT research in government agencies

    Enterprise IT

    IT research in government agencies

    We've seen the research project develop a "proof of concept" then deployed it to production as a "pilot". Then the business processes change due to the new system making it business critical. However, as a "proof of concept," it wasn't built with appropriate security or resilience and became a liability to the organization.

  • This virus changes everything (about how you work)

    Service Providers

    This virus changes everything (about how you work)

    COVID-19 changes everything, and everything about how you work. If you are employed in an industry under threat, it may transform you right out of a job. If you are an office worker in a conservative sector like the legal profession, you might find yourself sitting at home staring into a laptop wondering where your assistant is, and why you don’t have a stack of paper in front of you.

  • Industrial Technology

    Market for cancer-fighting radiotherapy and proton therapy equipment to be worth $6.6bn in 2020

    The global market for radiotherapy and proton therapy equipment will continue to grow given the need to deploy more cancer equipment to battle the disease in the years to come.

  • What will Covid-19 mean for AVOD, SVOD & pay TV?

    Media & Entertainment

    What will Covid-19 mean for AVOD, SVOD & pay TV?

    Broadcasters and streamers are preparing for a deluge in viewing as country-wide lockdowns across Europe and beyond come into force, leaving captive audiences at home.

  • Displays

    OLED materials market posts solid growth, WOLED prospects shine

    The global market for organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) materials intended for display panels posted double-digit growth at the end of the second half of 2019, marked by a continuing shift away from the currently dominant FMM RGB OLED sector toward the rival WOLED sector.

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Leverage the most dynamic coverage of the global consumer electronics sector with market sizing, trends, and deep insights for over 40 device segments, associated components and subsystems...

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Evolve strategic and operational programs with integrated intelligence about the displays value and supply chains, as well as display technologies, sizes, subsystems, application markets, shipments, revenues, pricing, and market shares…

Draw on interconnected competitive insight into the business and technology trends prompting digital transformation, solution vendor capabilities and technology buyer spending intent…

Understand and address the market for traditional industrial hardware and software in tandem with digital transformation solutions with unique forecast views, competitor & technology analysis and voice-of-the-customer research…

Develop new, agile IoT strategies with the most holistic view of IoT technologies, industry segments and applications, business models and partnerships…

Succeed at intersection of technology, telecommunications and digital content with exceptional advertising, entertainment and media business intelligence…

Stay ahead in what will be a $3 billion market with supply chain and end-market dynamics, technology providers, product roadmaps, manufacturing investments and expansions…

Accelerate and enhance decisions that deliver business value with the most complete and in-depth provider, market and technology analysis…

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Technology, media & telecommunications experts at Omdia.


Bill Morelli

Research Vice President, Enterprise USA 22 + years experience
Specialities include Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Data Center, IoT, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Networks
Products covered Enterprise IT Strategy and Selection, Enterprise Decision Maker, Enterprise Vendor Market Forecasts

Jeff Lin

Research & Analysis Associate Director, Tablet and Notebook PC, Desktop Monitor, TV Taiwan 10 + years experience
Specialities include Desktop Monitor Market, TV Sets, Mobile PC
Products covered Consumer Electronics

Maria Rua Aguete

Executive Director, Media and Service Providers & Platforms; Technology Fellow UK 20 + years experience
Specialities include Connected Devices
Products covered Consumer Electronics