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How agility is a combination of infrastructure flexibility and new cloud-native architecture

How agility is a combination of infrastructure flexibility anThe digital era has shaped many industries and is set to shape more by setting consumer expectations higher than ever and demand that service providers be agile and dynamic in the value they provide. One of the key drivers for this transformation is the public cloud, and while Ovum's survey report, ICT Enterprise Insights 2018/19 – Global: IoT, Cloud, and AI, discovered that public cloud adoption is now being used for more core business applications, this is still overlooked by the telecoms industry. Telecoms has been slow to adopt public cloud for core systems. In fact, only 20% of telecoms core systems are virtualized, and only a fraction of those are on the public cloud, making telecoms operators miss a big opportunity to evolve.


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Understanding the Business Value of Re-architecting Core Applications on the Public Cloud

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