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Twilio, a San Francisco-based cloud platform provider, announced its entrance into the cloud contact center marketplace with the introduction of Twilio Flex, a very customizable product offering usage-based pricing.


  • Ovum believes the introduction of Twilio Flex, following a similar introduction by Amazon – Amazon Connect – will initiate a competitive disruption in the contact center marketplace in the months and years ahead.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates how customers may react to the new consumption-based pricing and the do-it-yourself customization nature of Flex.
  • Evaluates how the Flex product may affect the traditional channels currently being utilized to sell, enhance, and implement contact centers in terms of revenues and required personnel changes.

Key questions answered

  • Will the "coopetition" between global platform providers like Twilio and Amazon and the cloud contact center providers continue?
  • Will the do-it-yourself, Erector set approach to contact center building be attractive to a sizable portion of the market, or will buyers reject it?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Twilio Flex will be a disruptive force in an already frenzied market
  • There are more than product implications in Twilio's actions
  • Partners and competitors beware


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