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2019 Trends to watch - Tv and Video 362x275

TV and Video Super-Themes

The stakes have never been higher as big media consolidates to fend off FANG


Megamergers of traditional media companies and unprecedented competitive pressure from scaled, multinational digital platforms, namely Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (FANG), are rapidly reshaping the entertainment industry. Traditional players have huge legacy businesses reliant on pay TV and commercial broadcast to sustain themselves while they attempt to reduce reliance on external distributors by investing in owned-and-operated direct-to-consumer (D2C) video platforms.


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Full 2019 Trends to Watch Suite:
Consumer Mobile Broadband
Consumer Fixed Broadband
Social Platforms
Communications Services
5G Devices and Apps
Smart TV Devices, Streamers, and Set-Top Boxes
Global TV and Video Markets
Mobile Apps and App Stores
Pay-TV and Telco-TV Operator Strategies
Digital Advertising and Ad-Funded OTT Video
Consumer and Entertainment Super-Themes
Digital Music
Premium OTT Video
Video Games and E-Sports
Consumer AI
AI Home Assistants
Smart Home
Consumer Technology Super-Themes
TV & Video Super-Themes



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