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Short-video sharing platform TikTok has seemingly come from nowhere to garner a seriously large following among young demographics around the world.


  • And TikTok has recently demonstrated that it can not only break emerging artists but also serve as a platform that delivers hits in the mainstream charts.

Features and Benefits

  • Details the rise of the short-video sharing platform TikTok.
  • Examines how the service has benefited artists so far and how it could be used by record companies to both break and discover new artists.

Key questions answered

  • What is TikTok and how has it aided music artists so far?
  • How could record companies gain from better use of the service in artist promotion?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • The rise of TikTok and its importance for music promotion
  • Introducing quirky to the mainstream
  • Taking the service to the next level


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