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RCS has undergone numerous incarnations but until now has always failed to deliver on its promise. In 2018, however, momentum is finally behind RCS, and it stands a chance of success. This report details Ovum’s view of the future of RCS.


  • RCS gives telcos a way to fight back against the OTT chat apps.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn key success factors for RCS for both telcos and messaging aggregators.
  • Evaluates the need for RCS.

Key questions answered

  • Why should telcos consider an RCS deployment?
  • How can telcos use RCS to preserve A2P revenues?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

Market status

  • Telcos need to act to protect their declining SMS revenues
  • OTT chat apps are still on the rise

Market dynamics

  • RCS is the operators’ answer to SMS – and it is gaining momentum
  • RCS offers two significant benefits to telcos
  • RCS has several issues yet to be resolved
  • Possible revenue models for RCS

Market outlook

  • Recommendations for operators
  • Recommendations for messaging aggregators


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