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Combined, America Movil and Telefónica dominate Latin America's mobile market. Out of 690 million subscriptions, nearly 425 million were held by the two telecoms giants as of end-4Q17.


  • Twenty-nine percent of all mobile subscriptions in Latin America are 4G, of which 75% are with either America Movil or Telefónica.
  • Compared with America Movil, Telefónica has a higher proportion of its subscribers on 4G. Telefonica has around 97.5 million LTE subscriptions, while America Movil has a little less than 54 million.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a comparative analysis of America Movil's and Telefónica's combined dominance of the Latin American mobile market.
  • Analyzes the major financial KPIs of Telefónica and America Movil for 4Q17.

Key questions answered

  • How do America Movil and Telefónica compare against each other in their combined dominance of the Latin American mobile market?
  • Which operator is in a better position to succeed in the long run?

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Status by market

  • América Móvil leads in overall subscriptions, while Telefónica has the upper hand in LTE

Financial KPIs

  • América Móvil struggles to post positive results, while Movistar reports 378% increase in net profit


  • América Móvil has more total subscriptions, but Telefónica leads the way in LTE
  • Telefónica has the edge in IoT initiatives


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