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A small but growing number of telcos have launched their own AI assistants. This report assesses their strengths and weakness compared to rival offerings from consumer tech/OTT players, and what telcos must do to improve their position.


  • Market leaders such as Amazon and Google are constantly improving the AI smarts and functionality of their propositions, the range of services offered, and the third-party devices/appliances supported. They are setting customer expectations of what an AI assistant is and can do.
  • Operators do not want to see Amazon Alexa or another third-party assistant become the main interface for TV or connected home services. In this scenario, the operator's relationship with the consumer is diluted, as is its ability to leverage data insights.
  • Telcos need to be more innovative in terms of how assistants can bring unique value and experiences to core telco services. They should also focus on personalization features, as most AI assistants have only limited features on this front.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand how telco AI assistants compare to those from consumer tech and OTT players.
  • Learn from telco AI assistant case studies, including those of Orange and Telefonica.
  • Benefit from recommendations on how telcos can improve their AI assistant offerings.

Key questions answered

  • What are the weaknesses and strengths of telco AI assistants?
  • How can telco assistants improve their position, and which services and technologies are most important?
  • Which are the most advanced telco AI assistants, and what do their roadmaps look like?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Key messages
  • Recommendations for operators

The rise of operator AI assistants

  • Setting the scene: AI in the telco domain
  • The imperative for telco AI assistants

AI assistant market dynamics

  • AI assistant growth trajectory
  • An AI assistant market dominated by consumer tech players
  • Close-up on selected telco AI assistants: Telefonica Aura
  • Orange Djingo
  • KT GiGA Genie

Best practices and next steps for telco AI assistants

  • Paths to AI expertise
  • Data intelligence
  • AI assistant positioning: to integrate or not
  • Building the partner ecosystem
  • AI assistants will turn up the heat on data privacy
  • Improve the user experience
  • Telco assistants need to up their game when it comes to AI assistant services


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author