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The former Project Maestro graduates to a fully fledged data prep product offering.


  • Focusing on embedded functionality and an intuitive UI, Tableau is striving to do for data prep what it once did for BI. This may raise some eyebrows of partners with self-service data prep capabilities, but Tableau Prep’s architecture means it can complement stand-alone data prep solutions, particularly in organizations that are using multiple BI tools.
  • Tableau Prep takes an embedded approach to self-service data prep, offering data prep capabilities directly within the Tableau analytics ecosystem. Users can refine data and transition seamlessly to visualization and analytics of their prepped data, without needing to toggle between products.
  • While Tableau Prep is lacking some of the deeper machine learning-guided functionality of more established self-service data prep providers on the market, its core data prep functionality and highly visual experience meets the needs of the large number of users that previously did not have access to data prep tools or resources.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies the target audience for the Tableau Prep product offering, and outlines the company strategy for data prep functionality.
  • Compares Tableau's new pricing and packaging options, and describes where Tableau Prep fits into these offerings.
  • Evaluates Tableau Prep's data prep core features, functionality, and user interface, comparing it to other self-service data prep offerings available on the market.
  • Analyzes Tableau's partner strategy with regard to self-service data prep functionality, and defines potential areas of overlap and "coopetition" in the market.
  • Evaluates the architecture of the Tableau Prep offering with regard to its strengths and potential weaknesses in various enterprise IT environments.

Key questions answered

  • What has been Tableau's development strategy for self-service data prep functionality over the last year and a half?
  • What is the pricing and packaging of the Tableau Prep offering, and is it available as a stand-alone product?
  • What are the core data prep features and functionality available with Tableau Prep, and what are the product's differentiators?
  • How does the introduction of Tableau Prep impact Tableau's relationships with partner firms that offer self-service data prep functionality and products?
  • What is the core value proposition of the Tableau Prep offering relative to other stand-alone and specialty data prep tools on the market?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Trying to do for data prep what they did for BI
  • All the basic data prep functionality you'd expect
  • A new era of "coopetition" with business partners


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