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Microsoft took the fight to Apple today, revealing an all-in-one PC targeted at professional designers using Apple Macs. The Surface Studio attaches a high-end desktop computer to what Microsoft claims is the world’s thinnest LCD monitor, with a pin-sharp 4,500 x 3,000 resolution.

Panos Panay, corporate VP of devices at Microsoft, pitched the machine as competing with the Apple iMac as a drafting table for designers and sketchpad for artists.”We built it for creators, for professionals,” he told the crowd at a launch event in New York today.

“We want it to transform the way you create and think about creating.”

He highlighted the machine’s high resolution, ability to display more than one billion colors, and present drawings and documents at 1:1 scale with their paper equivalents, saying these features gave professionals the ability to see how their creations would look in the real world.



Richard Edwards, principal research analyst with Ovum, praised the machine for being proof that Microsoft could replicate the eye-catching design of its Surface Book and Surface Pro devices, important when appealing to professionals.

“Microsoft still hasn’t captured the trendy coffee shop, but it’s clearly working on it.”He said Microsoft would be hoping to build on the momentum it had captured with its Surface, with Microsoft reporting that both the number and size of deals in the commercial segment for Surface had increased by double digits year on year.

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