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The Smart Cities IoT Projects Tracker is an Excel database that logs, classifies, and details more than 400 publicly announced IoT smart city projects dating back to March 2007. To be included in the tracker, there must be an element of IoT within the smart city project. The 400+ entries span across all of Ovum's eight regions and 70 counties.


  • The aim of this product is to provide comprehensive information about IoT-specific smart city projects; which services are being deployed; and which vendors, technology providers, and service providers are involved.
  • The tracker illustrates how the smart city vertical is evolving in terms of geographical scope, applications deployed, and the way in which projects are funded. Importantly, it also demonstrates which connectivity providers and vendors are becoming dominant in the smart city vertical.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyze projects by country, city, customer, vendors, connectivity provider, IoT services deployed, and date.
  • Identify key trends including which countries have the most deployments, which service providers and vendors are winning the most contracts, and which smart city applications are being deployed the most.

Key questions answered

  • Which cities have announced smart city IoT projects?
  • Which applications are most deployed?
  • Which service providers are winning the most contracts?
  • Which vendors are seeing success in the smart city vertical?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Smart Cities IoT Projects Tracker: 3Q18
  • Further reading