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Shanghai Telecom, a China Telecom Corporation subsidiary, is leading the world by supporting 10Gbps (10G) throughout its citywide wireline broadband access network.


  • Numerous operators around the world have begun to upgrade their FTTH access networks to support 10G. However, according to Ovum research, Shanghai Telecom is responsible for the largest operator upgrade to date for deployed central office 10G equipment and citywide reach.

Features and Benefits

  • Compares Shanghai Telecom's 10G FTTH citywide deployment to other 10G FTTH upgrades around the world.
  • Explains how Shanghai Telecom's 10G FTTH network is also supporting smart city services in Shanghai.

Key questions answered

  • How large is Shanghai Telecom's 10G FTTH deployment?
  • Is Shanghai Telecom's network supporting nonresidential services?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Shanghai Telecom's scale makes it unique
  • Shanghai Telecom's 10G equipment reflects its upgrade scale
  • Shanghai Telecom supports smart city and network-slicing applications


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