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Ovum's Pay-TV Leaders and Telco TV Benchmark: 2H17 ranks 129 of the world's major providers of pay-TV services against 14 distinct success criteria. This report summarizes the headline indicators and key trends from the latest iteration of the benchmark.


  • TV subscriber growth in 2H17 has been slow, at just 3% overall (compared with 6% in 2H16). IPTV is growing much faster than cable or satellite, but even in this segment, only the Chinese telcos have enjoyed substantial net additions, while the country's cable customer base has declined.
  • Most operators are struggling to maintain pay-TV and video revenue/ARPU levels. Overall, pay-TV revenue and ARPU levels have remained flat, with a few players (e.g. Comcast, Bezeq, CanalSat, and Sky Italia) enjoying modest growth in monthly customer spend and others seeing some erosion.
  • Multiplay sales via IPTV and operator-delivered OTT video are significant growth areas.

Features and Benefits

  • Ranks the world's leading pay-TV and telco TV players against 14 different success criteria.
  • Provides a comparison of leading operators' performance via a range of KPIs, including customer connections, pay-TV, OTT video penetration, TV ARPU/revenue, and TV contribution to total revenues.
  • Explores the growth in uptake of network operators' OTT video services.
  • Presents a snapshot of selected operators' content spending in relation to TV revenues.
  • Compares headline KPIs from 2H17 against those from 1H17.

Key questions answered

  • Which players and markets are demonstrating capacity for pay-TV subscriber and ARPU/revenue growth?
  • How significant is pay TV to a given players' overall business in terms of customer growth and retention and revenue generation?
  • What is behind operators' expansion of their video offerings through the provision of OTT services?
  • What are the roles of telco IPTV and integrated service providers' multiplay offerings within the pay-TV landscape?
  • What are the implications of the various levels of pay-TV operators' reported content opex when compared with the TV revenues they are generating?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Pay-TV Leaders and Telco TV Benchmark Analysis: 2H17