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Palo Alto Networks has unveiled Cortex XDR, a new offering that automates detection of sophisticated threats, accelerates investigation of alerts, and provides integrated response.


  • This is an approach that chimes with Ovum’s own view of the detection and response requirement, as embodied in our description of the “xDR” group of technologies that contribute to an overall infrastructure for this purpose.

Features and Benefits

  • Describes how Cortex XDR works.
  • Explains what elements of PAN's tech Cortex XDR uses.

Key questions answered

  • What is MDR?
  • How do xDR technologies underpin MDR?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • EDR and MDR raised the profile of detection and response
  • Palo Alto Networks’ products become sensors for Cortex XDR
  • Cortex XDR touts benefits of an all-Palo Alto Networks infrastructure


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