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To remain profitable, communications service providers (CSPs) must deliver optimal experiences to their customers and run cost-efficient operations. How CSPs manage their network infrastructure and associated operations will determine how quickly they achieve these objectives.


  • Vendors providing network analytics solutions that combine their deep knowledge and expertise of the various network domains (spanning access, transport, and core) with strong data analytics and management capabilities deliver the most value in the network analytics value chain.
  • As CSP networks evolves, so do network analytics use cases. It is critical that network analytics solution providers deliver capabilities that enable CSPs to develop network analytics use cases on their own.
  • AI technologies are not a nice-to-have but a must-have if CSPs are to effectively utilize their network analytics tools to meet their business priorities.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides SWOT assessments on network analytics solutions provided by all participating vendors.
  • Provides insights into the capabilities delivered by the market leaders.

Key questions answered

  • How do the key players providing network analytics solutions to CSPs stack up against each other?
  • What key capabilities need to be in place to enable CSPs to meet their needs for network analytics?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key findings

Vendor solution selection

  • Ovum's definition of network analytics solutions
  • Inclusion criteria
  • Exclusion criteria
  • Methodology
  • Ovum ratings

Market and solution analysis

  • Market development

Market and solution analysis

  • Ovum Decision Matrix: Network analytics solutions, 2018–19
  • Market leaders: Ericsson and Nokia
  • Market challengers: Guavus, IBM, Netcracker, and NetScout
  • Market followers: Sandvine
  • Emerging vendors

Market leaders

  • Market leaders: technology
  • Market leaders: execution
  • Market leaders: market impact

Vendor analysis

  • Ericsson (Ovum recommendation: Leader)
  • Ovum SWOT assessment
  • Guavus (Ovum recommendation: Challenger)
  • Ovum SWOT assessment
  • IBM (Ovum recommendation: Challenger)
  • Ovum SWOT assessment
  • Netcracker (Ovum recommendation: Challenger)
  • Ovum SWOT assessment
  • NetScout (Ovum recommendation: Challenger)
  • Ovum SWOT assessment
  • Nokia (Ovum recommendation: Leader)
  • Ovum SWOT assessment
  • Sandvine (Ovum recommendation: Follower)
  • Ovum SWOT Assessment


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author