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Oracle recently announced Oracle CX Unity platform, a pledge to integrate Oracle CX Cloud with all enterprise applications, and a focus on embedding AI into every solution. Oracle is well positioned to further enable connected data, intelligence, and experiences.


  • Oracle is taking a data-first approach by putting the customer at the center of organizations. CX Unity allows customers to see the blind spots in their customer journeys.

Features and Benefits

  • How will CX Unity’s integration with CX Cloud and native AI capabilities improve insights and personalization?
  • How will DataFox, a newly acquired developer of predictive intelligence, further enhance Oracle CX Unity?

Key questions answered

  • How does Oracle CX Unity enable connected customer journeys?
  • How does Oracle CX Unity integrate with Oracle CX Cloud?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Proactive, connected customer journeys are essential for growth
  • Oracle CX Unity will become the catalyst for connected, data-driven enterprises
  • Oracle must collate the pieces for a pervasive platform


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