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The world of startups is big, running into multibillions of dollars invested annually and supported by a well-established network of venture capital funds and numerous innovation and accelerator hubs. Oracle has created the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, its own venture into finding and supporting new businesses and solutions.


  • Oracle is not alone in its desire to help foster and develop a broader startup community, and its approach recognizes this – bringing technical, product, and commercial support, without taking a financial interest in the startup.
  • Ovum sees benefits not just for the startup, but for the market of customers seeking new and innovative capabilities, and for Oracle itself as it continues to grow its cloud computing position and extend its enterprise applications portfolio.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn about Oracle's Global Startup Ecosystem program and how it supports emerging, cloud-native startups.
  • Assess the program's structure and how it benefits participants.

Key questions answered

  • How is Oracle working with a new generation of cloud-native startups?
  • What are the benefits for program participants and Oracle's customers?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Bringing technical and financial support for startups matched to business know-how
  • Startups bring new workloads to Oracle's cloud
  • Navigating Oracle's own ecosystem


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