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Oracle is continuing its rolling thunder of releases for the Autonomous Database with the release of a new deployment choice for Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing – dedicated deployment (ATP-D).


  • It will bring Autonomous Transaction Processing within reach for customers whose policies mandate a dedicated environment for their transaction databases in the Cloud.
  • It will also add Oracle's low-code application development tool Application Express (APEX), a feature that will appeal to the 500,000-developer base already using it.

Features and Benefits

  • Compares ATP-D against existing serverless deployments.
  • Assesses Oracle's next steps.

Key questions answered

  • How does ATP-D compare against existing serverless deployments?
  • What is Oracle's next logical step?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Extending the Autonomous Database for dedicated deployment
  • How ATP-D compares with existing serverless deployments
  • The next step should be Cloud at Customer


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