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SWIM EDX is a novel solution that performs all the processing needed for analytics and machine learning applications locally on edge devices, with its software right next to the source of data production.


  • SWIM EDX is a self-training and self-managing software solution for edge intelligence.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn about SWIM EDX and how it analyzes, models, and predicts from the entire data set as it is created using incremental machine learning to offer predictive insights.
  • Assess how EDX instances interconnect to create a distributed edge compute/data fabric that is lightweight, highly secure, autonomous, self-managing, and resilient and runs on existing edge devices with no connection to the cloud required.

Key questions answered

  • How does SWIM manage to draw enough computation power at the edge to perform AI analysis?
  • What IOT and edge applications has SWIM been used in?

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Recommendations for enterprises

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