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Limitless has developed the cloud-based SmartCrowd platform, which allows brands to resource on-demand talent cost-effectively from their most loyal customer bases.


  • The SmartCrowd platform offers four solutions to leverage the crowd of brand ambassadors to solve a wide range of service challenges.
  • Limitless's early success is building momentum for rapid growth.
  • The founders' customer service heritage was instrumental in the platform's development.

Features and Benefits

  • Assess why the Limitless SmartCrowd platform will help large enterprises seeking to enroll their customers as part of their problem-solving capabilities.
  • Learn how the SmartCrowd platform can reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.

Key questions answered

  • What is crowd service and how does SmartCrowd make it work?
  • What customers are using the SmartCrowd platform and what benefits have they realized?

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Recommendations for enterprises

  • Why put SmartCrowd on your radar?


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