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CockroachDB is the only multimaster, globally distributed SQL database designed for full ACID transaction that runs on premises or in the cloud.


  • Ovum analyzes the new globally distributed SQL ACID transaction open source database, developed by veterans of the Google Spanner project.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyzes the unique features of CockroachDB in delivering a globally distributed SQL OLTP platform.
  • Compares CockroachDB to Google Cloud Spanner.

Key questions answered

  • How does CockroachDB differentiate from most off-the-shelf relational transaction databases?
  • How does CockroachDB's geo-partitioning support emerging GDPR requirements that are likely to drive data localization?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Key messages
  • Ovum view

Recommendations for enterprises

  • Why put Cockroach Labs on your radar?


  • Background
  • Current position

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