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Cengage Unlimited is an unlimited subscription service that offers users, for $120/semester or $180/year, access to the entire Cengage library of 22K+ digital learning materials across 70 disciplines and 675 courses.


  • To expand ease of access and increase educational value to the Cengage Unlimited service, the vendor has also announced partnerships with other education providers, including Barnes and Noble Education, Follett, RedShelf, Akademos, and Chegg.

Features and Benefits

  • Explains the benefits of an educational publishing subscription to students in terms of affordability and accessibility
  • Assesses Cengage's competitive advantage over other educational publishers

Key questions answered

  • Why should a student subscribe to Cengage Unlimited?
  • How can institutions maximize their students' ROI in Cengage Unlimited?

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Recommendations for institutions

  • Why put Cengage Unlimited on your radar?


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  • Product
  • Current position

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