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Most bids and RFPs remain non-digitalized. This report examines Bonfire, an online bid and RFP publishing, management, evaluation, and decision solution.


  • Bonfire is a cloud-based bid and RFP platform directed specifically at public-sector organizations

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the features and benefits of the Bonfire cloud-based bid and RFP solution.
  • Examines the need for online versus paper-based RFP processes.

Key questions answered

  • How does Bonfire service the procurement and contracting processes of public sector organizations?
  • Why should I put Bonfire bid and RFP platform on my radar?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages

Recommendations for enterprises

  • Why put the Bonfire eSourcing platform on your radar?


  • Background
  • Current position


  • On the Radar
  • Author