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About five years ago, Australia-based Pact Group took the bold step of moving its entire infrastructure and applications stack to the Microsoft suite of products with Azure as the cloud backbone.


  • The proactive approach taken by HCL to identify key challenges with the IT environment and the extra effort it put into pulling together resources from across the business to help resolve them highlight the role a strategic partner can play in successful execution.
  • The simultaneous migration and modernization of Pact's infrastructure and application ecosystem with minimum disruption to the business is testament to the importance of partnering with a vendor that brings the right combination of skills, tools, and business knowledge.

Features and Benefits

  • Highlights the critical role the right vendor can play in the implementation of a planned, top-down-driven end-to-end transformation.
  • Summarizes Pact's business objectives and technical requirements for transforming its entire IT landscape.

Key questions answered

  • How should an enterprise handle a greenfield transformation program?
  • How can the enterprise and vendor teams work together to deliver a successful transformation program?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Key messages
  • Ovum view


  • Enterprises looking at a "big-bang" end-to-end transformation

Customer case file

  • IT services data sheet: end-to-end transformation of Pact Group's IT landscape
  • Background
  • Implementation and results


  • On the Case
  • Further reading
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