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New digital services require a lean, flexible, open environment that allows for faster service design and the systems and streamlined processes that can deliver innovative on-demand services. To support this change, communications service providers (CSPs) will need to implement high levels of automation, make effective use of advanced analytics tools, and adopt cloud-based delivery models. However, CSPs are not finding it easy to manage this shift to next-generation IT or decide how new and existing stacks should work together across different IT domains and delivery modes. How they manage this shift will have a major impact on the success of CSPs' digital transformations.


Ovum view

Service provider business priorities are focusing increasingly on speed and agility. This is what will drive a wide range of business and technology initiatives.


However, attaining this agility requires not only investment in cloud, virtualization, automation, big data analytics, and digital transformation, but also a major shakeup in the way organizations are structured, operations are run, and services delivered. Bi-modal operations, and DevOps in particular, will provide the glue that binds CSPs' transformation initiatives into something coherent. Given the complexity and breadth of the technology, process, and cultural changes required for this transformation, it is only natural for service providers to look to industry experts to lead the change. CSPs will expect their strategic partners not just to implement new platforms and architectures but to also help transform their operations, business processes, and organizational structures.

Next-Generation IT Whitepaper

Key messages:

  • Service provider business priorities are shifting from opex/capex reduction to speed and agility
  • There is increasing momentum for CSPs to implement IT technology and operations changes to support the agility and fast service development
  • There is a strong drive to create more-agile IT systems and the lean, flexible, open environment that support faster service design and innovative on-demand services.
Next-Generation IT

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