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This is the second roundup of music industry statistics analysis for September 2018.


  • New research published by AudienceNet has shed considerable light on music-listening habits in the US, including which demographic is doing most of the listening and which service is most popular.
  • A survey of more than 2,000 adults in the UK in the last week of August has revealed that the average cost of attending a live music concert is higher than the cost of going to sporting events, going to the theater, or attending a business conference.
  • The Finnish branch of IFPI has reported a small rise in trade earnings from recorded-music sales in the first half of this year, with growth in subscriptions more than offsetting declines in almost all the buy-to-own formats.

Features and Benefits

  • Details music industry statistics and financials for the second half of September.
  • Covers music sales in the US and Finland, music consumption in India, and financial results for BMI.

Key questions answered

  • What is the biggest earner for BMI author members?
  • What is the most popular music consumption source in India?

Table of contents

US music listening, Indian music consumption, UK event cost, Finland midyear sales, BMI results

  • Streaming closes the gap on terrestrial radio in the US
  • Video leads music streaming consumption in India
  • Live music the most expensive type of entertainment in the UK
  • Modest rise for Finnish recorded-music sales
  • Record collections and distributions for BMI


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