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This research note provides July's second roundup of music industry statistics analysis.


  • Sonos, a manufacturer of wireless speakers, has filed for an initial public offering. The company submitted its filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on July 6.
  • The latest research published by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) on the extent of online copyright infringement has found that while overall levels of piracy remain the same compared to last year, there has been a drop in illegal activity by some groups.

Features and Benefits

  • Details the latest music statistics and financial details published in the last couple of weeks.
  • Includes details from the Sonos IPO filing, UK content piracy, SOZA and LATGA-A collections, and the Spotify diversity report,

Key questions answered

  • What is the biggest revenue generator for Slovenian and Lithuanian authors and publishers?
  • What share of Spotify employees are female?

Table of contents

Sonos IPO, UK content piracy, SOZA and LATGA-A collections, Spotify diversity report

  • Wireless speaker manufacturer Sonos files for IPO
  • Music the UK's most consumed online content
  • Private copying boosts SOZA collections
  • Fall in collections for LATGA-A
  • Spotify publishes diversity data report


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