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This is the second roundup of music statistics analysis for March.


  • German events company CTS Eventim has reported revenue growth for both the final quarter (October–December) and full year of 2017.
  • Brazilian events promoter Time For Fun (T4F) has registered a positive end to its 2017 financial year with a sharp rise in revenue in the final quarter (October–December).
  • Spanish live music promoters' association Asociación de Promotores Musicales (APM) has reported a record year for turnover by its member companies and the fourth consecutive year of growth.

Features and Benefits

  • Summarizes the latest music statistics details published in the last two weeks.
  • Covers CTS Eventim and T4F financials, SoundExchange distributions, and music piracy details.

Key questions answered

  • Why did SoundExchange distributions fall last year compared with 2016?
  • How has the rise in music streaming affected music piracy?

Table of contents

CTS Eventim and T4F financials, Spain live, SoundExchange, piracy, US streaming, PPL

  • Live sales boost CTS Eventim earnings
  • Positive end to the year for Time For Fun
  • Sharp rise for Spanish live sales
  • Direct deals dent SoundExchange distributions
  • Global piracy rates on the rise
  • Music variety and price key to US streaming uptake
  • New record for PPL international income


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