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The concept of digital transformation, which can cover anything from the paperless office to the Internet of Things, has been a cornerstone in the marketing of enterprise software. The meaning of the term has become opaque. Is it time to retire the phrase?


  • Creating digital capability emerged as the top development trend in Ovum's ICT Enterprise Insights 2017/18 – Global: ICT Drivers and Technology Priorities, whereas it had been third the previous year. The number of responding businesses calling it their top priority grew 1.5 percentage points in that period, from 22.5% in 2016 to 24% in 2017.
  • Furthermore, more than half of all respondents rated their company’s progress in seven of nine key digital transformation initiatives to be complete, well advanced, or in progress.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluate the usefulness of digital transformation as a descriptor.
  • Identify the factors inhibiting progress of digital transformation initiatives.

Key questions answered

  • Is digital transformation still a meaningful concept in enterprise computing?
  • What can be done to accelerate digital transformation progress and clarify intent?