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The shift to digital, disruptive, and agile business operations requires a rethink of the IT operating model, and this portfolio management approach allows for both rapidly changing applications and mainstream enterprise applications.


  • CIOs are required to provide stable, reliable, accessible, and secure applications services. In agile and disruptive businesses, the swiftly changing applications environment makes it difficult to meet these requirements. CIOs need an approach to the management of the applications portfolio that reconciles these conflicting dynamics.
  • Managing the conflicting requirements of stable and governed mainstream applications and rapidly developed nascent applications requires a four-part approach to the applications portfolio. This must allow for flexible changes, while protecting the applications on which the business depends.

Features and Benefits

  • Suggests a four-part approach to the applications portfolio.
  • Provides criteria for the management of each part of the four-part applications portfolio.

Key questions answered

  • How do we manage rapidly developed and changing applications while maintaining rigor in applications on which the business depends?
  • What parts of an applications portfolio need less rigor than mainstream applications?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • There are conflicting requirements for business applications in a rapidly changing environment
  • The four-part applications portfolio
  • Management of the four-part applications portfolio


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