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This report tracks the hottest mobile pricing strategies. For the first time, we include innovative 5G tariff strategies, including bundling of 5G rich services and fixed–mobile convergence.


  • 5G means new differentiation and upsell opportunities, with more operators increasingly adding 5G services, such as AR games and shopping, VR cloud gaming, and VR music services.

Features and Benefits

  • This research pulls all the latest 5G pricing trends into one pack, so that operators can pick and choose best pricing strategies.
  • The report also focuses on 4G monetization, examining new bundled services, and how operators are packaging up video.

Key questions answered

  • How are telcos differentiating 5G mobile plans?
  • What's driving data monetization of existing LTE services?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Innovative Mobile Broadband Pricing Strategies: 2020