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The world's top 20 biggest collective management organizations (CMOs) registered an increase in collections last year at both reported and constant currency exchange rates.


  • As always, currency fluctuations affected some CMOs more than others, and overall the growth rate last year of the combined 20 was higher at reported than at constant rates.
  • SACEM remained the leader in terms of total revenue, with GEMA maintaining second place. The US is the clear leader in terms of collections at country level, with CMOs ASCAP and BMI recording record years for collections.

Features and Benefits

  • Lists authors' society collections for 2017 with a ranking of the top 20 by revenue.
  • Examines how each collection society performed with a regional view of global collections.

Key questions answered

  • Which is the biggest collection society in the world based on revenue?
  • Which region accounted for the biggest share of global collections in 2017?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Annual review of the world's leading CMOs
  • Rising collections at both currency measures
  • SACEM the CMO leader


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