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Network packet broker (NPB) vendor Gigamon is doubling down on security. It is positioning its network visibility devices as traffic monitors that see activity in any network and forward it to the appropriate security tools for further investigation.


  • It has been adding functionality to enhance its NPBs' suitability for use in security, all of which has led it to proclaim its "next-generation" status.

Features and Benefits

  • Explains how Gigamon got started and what its product offering consists of.
  • Describes what an NPB does.

Key questions answered

  • How are NPBs suited for use in security?
  • What additional features have been added to make Gigamon's products "next-gen?"

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Gigamon started life in network and application monitoring
  • Gigamon has pivoted to focus on security
  • Inline bypass enables more efficient security routing
  • Why Gigamon should be on your radar for security


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