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As key facilitators of their customers’ digital and mobile lifestyles, telecoms operators generate a huge amount of valuable customer usage data which, if analyzed in the right way, can unlock valuable insights into consumer and market dynamics in the TMT sector.

In this white paper Ovum analyses the results and finding of a recent project where Nigerian mobile operator Etisalat Nigeria engaged big data analytics company Xoanon Analytics to enable them to derive new, actionable insights into consumer behavior through lifestyle-driven segmentation analysis of its customer data. Ovum picks out four key consumer trends that are shaping the Nigerian mobile market and provides recommendations for players looking to succeed across the TMT sector in Nigeria and other comparable markets.

Insights from user data

Key messages:

  • Etisalat Nigeria drove marketing efficiencies and increased campaign performance through lifestyle-driven segmentation
  • Nigeria is an exciting market for mobile communications and media services
  • Nigeria has a growing digital audience, but monetization potential remains limited
  • Voice services still dominate mobile telecoms spending
  • Multi-SIM behavior drives mobile market competition
Etisalat Nigeria and Xoanon Analytics Whitepaper

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