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This is one of a series of profiles analyzing the digital strategies of leading global operators. This profile assesses AT&T’s digital strategy, its digital service developments and deployments, and the performance of and prospects for the group’s digital businesses.


  • AT&T invests in a variety of digital services that are adjacent to its core services, with its biggest focus in the areas of video, enterprise cloud services, M2M/IoT, advertising, and analytics.
  • AT&T debuted a new skinny OTT video service, called WatchTV, that leans heavily on Time Warner content.
  • As of end-2107, AT&T had 17.8m connected cars on its network, up 50.9% year on year from 11.8m at end-2016.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn about the challenges to subscriber growth of AT&T’s core services.
  • Identify AT&T’s main focus areas for digital services.
  • Evaluate AT&T’s digital services businesses in terms of strategy, partnerships, recent developments, and results.

Key questions answered

  • What are AT&T’s main areas of focus in digital services?
  • How have the different digital services been successful?
  • How has the Time Warner acquisition affected AT&T’s digital services businesses?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

Market dynamics

  • Competitors in digital services

Digital services development

  • Fostering innovation
  • Digital services segments


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