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This analysis, looking at consumer preferences and experiences around mobile operator-bundled OTT media services, is part of a series of reports based on survey results from Ovum's Digital Consumer Insights 2018 survey.


  • Two-fifths of respondents said they would pay for soft-bundled media services (i.e. OTT subscriptions added to mobile plans with an extended free trial period and/or a slight price discount), and a fifth would churn to another mobile operator if that was the only way of accessing such a bundle.
  • Well over a third of respondents with experience of subscribing to an MNO-OTT media bundle said it made them more loyal to the carrier offering it. And a fifth said that subscribing to it meant spending more on their mobile bill.
  • Only under two-fifths of respondents with experience of subscribing to MNO-bundled OTT media services reported an effortless activation process, in which they were automatically recognized by the OTT service provider as being entitled to the bundle offer.

Features and Benefits

  • Find out how effective OTT media bundling is for mobile operators in boosting retention, user acquisition, and ARPU.
  • Find out how powerful OTT media bundling can be for mobile operators in poaching subscribers from other networks.

Key questions answered

  • How effective is OTT media bundling for mobile operators to boost retention, user acquisition, and ARPU?
  • How powerful is OTT media bundling for mobile operators to poach subscribers from other networks?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Digital Consumer Insights 2018 Analysis: Mobile Media Bundling