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Contact center pricing models are destined to change significantly as the growing demands of end users for more flexible pricing models bring changes that will restructure the more traditional pricing methods.


  • For the past few decades, pricing in the customer engagement/contact center market has been largely based on a software economic paradigm known as the agent-price-per-seat model, but market disrupters have put pricing methods on a trajectory for change.

Features and Benefits

  • Assists enterprises in assessing the pros and cons of the various methods of contact center pricing.
  • Analyzes how contact center pricing methods are evolving and explains how vendors should prepare for the changes.

Key questions answered

  • How should buyers and sellers prepare for the coming changes in contact center pricing?
  • How should contact center purchasers change their buying model to optimize cloud contact center purchasing?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Much that could affect future pricing norms has changed
  • Flexible pricing options are needed to meet customer demands
  • Companies must evaluate current and future needs


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