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Some major cloud providers now sell automated/self-managed enterprise IP VPN services. They need partners that complement their strengths to help them succeed, and are reaching out to network providers to help them gain traction.


  • Microsoft Azure's Virtual WAN service added an Azure Networking Managed Service Provider program, teaming with a diverse collection of partners to help enterprises implement the cloud provider's network-related services.
  • Alibaba's Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is a sophisticated IP VPN offer that has signed on many hundreds of commercial customers. Alibaba has several major network provider partners that can help enterprises implement its service.
  • While Amazon Web Services (AWS) does not build full enterprise IP VPN wide area networks, the cloud provider maintains a range of certified partners, including in network services, that have been audited and verified to deliver demonstrated, repeatable success.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand how another aspect of the complex relationship between cloud providers and network providers is evolving.
  • Learn why network providers and cloud providers benefit by teaming up, even as components of their enterprise WAN offers compete.

Key questions answered

  • How are cloud providers evolving in their enterprise IP VPN services' market entry?
  • What are the prospective benefits for network providers that team with cloud providers' enterprise IP VPN services?
  • What is the full scope of network-related services by some of the largest cloud providers?
  • What networking role might major data center providers play?

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Cloud providers recruit partners for network services

  • Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN adds Networking MSP program
  • Alibaba CEN taps established network partners, builds enterprise networking customer base
  • AWS adjusts Direct Connect, highlights partner ecosystem solutions


  • Providers watch the intersection of network and cloud/data center


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