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A couple of start-ups have stepped up to serve the classical music fan with more tailored products that are all about granularity. However, both may be underestimating the aficionado's propensity to pay.


  • There’s clearly growing appetite for classical music streaming, but the market’s leading operators aren’t set up to provide true genre enthusiasts with services they need.

Features and Benefits

  • Looks at the latest developments in classical music streaming.
  • Assesses the offerings of Primephonic and Idagio and explains why they have an appeal to classical music aficionados.

Key questions answered

  • What do classical music streaming services offer consumers that the mainstream streaming services do not?
  • Which services are leading the charge in the classical music streaming sector?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Primephonic and Idagio go head-to-head for classical market share
  • Human personalization with high-quality streams
  • Radio remains the leading source for classical listening


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