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This report examines the key takeaways from Ovum’s Digital Consumer Insights 2019: Consumer Devices survey. The survey examines consumer attitudes toward devices like smartphones, smart TVs, and smart home and toward technologies like 5G and foldable phones.


  • 5G is more interesting to consumers than other emerging technologies right now.
  • China is leading the charge in adopting emerging devices.
  • Half of consumers are already willing to invest in energy-saving smart devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Examines consumer attitudes towards 5G and other emerging technologies and devices
  • Compares consumer attitude toward emerging devices and technology across six key markets
  • Outlines the key issues impeding smart home device adoption

Key questions answered

  • How appealing is 5G to consumers?
  • Why do consumers buy smart speakers?
  • What are consumers' key concerns when buying smart security systems?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Digital Consumer Insights 2019 Analysis: Consumer Devices