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This report covers 5G developments in Central America. There have been a handful of announcements on 5G in a few markets, and the first launches are expected to be in Costa Rica and El Salvador by 2021.


  • Spectrum availability will dictate 5G launches. There have been no announcements of auctions of 5G-suitable spectrum in the region.
  • FWA is the best use case for 5G in the short term. More advanced 5G use cases will take time to develop and deploy.
  • Initially, 5G will exist as complementary technology to 4G. In Central America, 4G still has a lot of scope for growth, and when launched, 5G will exist as a complement to the existing 4G networks.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides an overview on 5G developments and possibilities in Central America.
  • Identifies key 5G use cases for Central America.
  • Learn about the five-year subscription forecast for 5G.

Key questions answered

  • When will Central America get on the 5G map?
  • Which Central American country will be the first to get a 5G network?
  • What will be the key factors influencing 5G in Central America?
  • When will we see significant uptake of 5G in Central America?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

Central America market status

  • Central America has traditionally been slow to take up new technologies
  • Market status and 5G announcements in Central America

Market dynamics

  • Key 5G use cases for Central America
  • The success and growth of 5G in Central America will be influenced by key factors such as affordability, coverage, and utility

Market outlook

  • By 2020 5G will become a reality for Central America but will only start picking up pace by 2023
  • Central America can wait for 5G but still needs faster data now


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
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