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This report identifies and analyzes the most important developments and growth prospects in Africa’s digital market.


  • The main growth areas for African service providers are broadband and mobile financial services.

Features and Benefits

  • Sets out and analyzes the main developments in Africa's digital market.
  • Identifies the key growth areas in Africa's digital market.

Key questions answered

  • What are the main trends in Africa's digital market?
  • How will Africa's digital market develop over the coming few years?
  • How should service providers prepare for Africa's digital future?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

Financial outlook

  • Recent operator results
  • M&A update
  • Revenue forecast

Telecoms market dynamics

  • Recent results

Digital outlook

  • Broadband outlook
  • Digital strategies and services outlook


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author