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Enterprise-wide governance and visibility of metadata ultimately supports the objective of more collaborative and efficient data pipelining in SAP Data Hub, which enables the enterprise to rapidly build scalable, data-driven applications.


  • SAP Metadata Explorer, part of the SAP Data Hub 2.3 release, aims to give a unified view of the enterprise metadata ecosystem.
  • SAP has been increasing its connectivity and capabilities around non-SAP data sources. This will be critical to the utility of the SAP Metadata Explorer capabilities.
  • To date, the user base of the SAP Data Hub is primarily data engineers. For SAP Metadata Explorer to have broad utility in the enterprise, it will need to cater to general business users.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies the new features and functionality that have been announced with the SAP Data Hub 2.3 release.
  • Assesses the need for a unified enterprise metadata layer, and explores SAP's potential differentiators in providing this capability.
  • Identifies the capabilities of the SAP Metadata Explorer functionality in the SAP Data Hub 2.3 release.
  • Identifies the current user base of the SAP Data Hub product, and postulates the need for additional users in order to achieve enterprise-wide utility.
  • Assesses the UI improvements that have been made to SAP Data Hub, and examines how these changes will affect the user experience.

Key questions answered

  • Why is SAP suited to providing a unified metadata layer, and what benefits can the enterprise expect from these capabilities?
  • How has SAP's broader business strategy affected its capabilities in providing a unified metadata layer?
  • What are the specific features and functionality of the SAP Metadata Explorer?
  • How will the SAP metadata layer contribute to more efficient data pipelining and data integration?
  • Who comprises the current user base of the SAP Data Hub product, and how will that need to change in order to drive enterprise-wide product utility?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Part of a broader story of increased connectivity
  • Metadata Explorer provides a single pane of glass for metadata
  • Metadata Explorer will need to attract a new set of end users


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