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Having just completed an Ovum Decision Matrix on application lifecycle management (ALM), I was intrigued by a briefing from startup Anaxi. Anaxi can be thought of as a new generation ALM solution as it acts as a collaboration hub across the popular developer tools GitHub, Bitbucket, and Atlassian Jira. Anaxi is a lot more limited than a full-scale ALM solution, but for the generation of developers who work on open source and cloud-native software in the enterprise space, they tend to eschew ALM and lack a way of connecting their most frequently used tools. For this generation of developers, Anaxi will prove a useful tool.

Anaxi has a future filling a vacuum where ALM is not taken up

The company sees itself as the OS for software engineering teams. This is ambitious and the solution needs to add more tools into its hub to fulfill this claim, but the point is that it is already useful today to developers that lack ALM tools. This enables the company to build on its initial success. In addition, the collaboration and reporting features extend beyond developers to a broader set of stakeholders within an organization, such as sales and marketing (S&M). For digitally transformed organizations, the impact of new software releases matter to a far broader set of stakeholders than in the old days. S&M want to be aware of rapidly deployed changes to cloud native applications, enabled by DevOps continuous delivery. Anaxi provides S&M with the necessary reporting.

One caveat is that Anaxi is being favored in the enterprise IT space but, in advanced engineering/manufacturing, especially with safety-critical products and services, use of ALM is essential, so Anaxi is not focused on that sector. But it does understand its enterprise audience and has created a niche that I can see has momentum, so this company is one that Ovum will be watching.


Further reading

Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps Solution 2019-20, INT003-000374, June 2019.


Michael Azoff, Distinguished Analyst, IT Infrastructure

[email protected]