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"Technological shifts always bring their share of opportunities and challenges, but the next decade will be unique as we see multiple emerging technologies from AI, robotics, quantum computing, blockchain, and high-performance computing coming to the forefront in different phases. Tractica addresses this multiphased shift using a bottom-up, use case, and vertical-based approach, building an in-depth and broad view of the impact these transformation technologies have across the software, hardware, and services value chain, and exploring what this means for the enterprise end customer."

Aditya Kaul, Research Director


Aditya Kaul v2

Research Topics

 Artificial Intelligence

How Tractica helps you

Understand the taxonomy and breadth of AI use cases being applied today and their future trajectory.

Identify the core priorities of applying AI within one's own products, services, and overall strategy.

Explore business models and go-to-market strategies.

Tap into the pulse of companies deploying and scaling AI as the market moves beyond the hype phase.

Arm your strategy and product teams with granular data on the AI market as they plan and implement AI.

Stay ahead of the market as AI technologies and capabilities rapidly shift from academic settings into commercial deployments.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Enterprise AI market verticalizes... Read more



  • The value of AI beyond an operational efficiency and analytics tool... Read more


  • The road for AI beyond deep learning and machine learning... Read more

 Advanced Computing

How Tractica helps you

Understand the underlying technologies that are driving the future of computing.

Think outside the box to build strategies that align with the upcoming shift in compute architectures.

Identify partners and innovators that are building the foundational stacks for advanced computing.

Navigate the landscape of ecosystems that are likely to emerge and determine your role.

Deliver on a roadmap of products and solutions that take advantage of new compute paradigms.

Research Themes for 2020

  • AI acceleration goes wide and deep... Read more


  • Multidisciplinary approaches to compute will be the norm... Read more


  • Open source a key theme for future compute... Read more


How Tractica helps you

Learn about the new and upcoming areas of robotics that extend beyond traditional industrial robots.

Expand your view on the impact robotics will have across various industry domains from enterprise, automotive, drones, healthcare, and defense.

Understand the capabilities of robotics companies across the value chain from components to platforms.

Map out the robotics market landscape across vertical markets and horizontal stacks.

Explore new business models being offered across different robotic sectors, and modalities like cloud and device.

Research Themes for 2020

  • Robotics market expanding into non-traditional applications... Read more


  • Chinese impact on both supply and demand dynamics for robotics... Read more


  • Major gap between expectations and capabilities of robots... Read more


  • Robot programmability getting better but not there yet despite cloud robotics and educational robots... Read more

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