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Power versus price versus quality.

Knowing which will win as capacity and market power are shifting to China, with TV displays vacillating between two price extremes: low-priced TVs due to overcapacity and high-priced, OLED TVs because of value. Form factors in mobile displays are shifting to flexible/foldable OLEDs and automotive, smart home, digital signage, and games show growth while other categories are slowing.


Flat panel display market forecast (million m2)

Source: Omdia


Human-machine interfaces.

The pace of change for human-machine interfaces is accelerated by transformational technologies including AI and 5G, but also by advancements in displays as the transition from ‘displays everywhere’ to ‘digital assistance’ has commenced. Explore the possibilities and examine the challenges of the displays market through a cohesive lens of unique data and essential research… 



"Expect the unexpected. The market dynamics will change significantly and regularly. Display value chain and supply companies that can adjust to the new normal, remain flexible, and focus on business and marketing in addition to technology development will continue to survive and thrive."

David Hsieh
Senior Director




Only with Omdia.

From display glass, film, ICs and backlights as well as on the critical ingredients used in LCD and OLED manufacturing to touch and gesture control, Omdia is the source for critical information and insight across the diverse display market and beyond…


Overachieve with Omdia.

Omdia can help you with a reconciled view of where to focus, what to buy or sell, and how to win across the display market…

  • Display Manufacturing & Supply Chain
    Supply/demand and manufacturing insights from display panel makers to OEMs/ODMs and brands

  • Display Materials & Components
    Cost, price and supply/demand trends for key manufacturing items, including glass, film, drivers and backlights for LCD and OLED displays 

  • Large Displays
    Supplier technology roadmaps, shipments, revenues, pricing and costs worldwide and regionally for large-area (> 9-inch) displays

  • Small & Medium Displays
    Cost structures and market dynamics for display serving end-applications including automotive, smartphones, tablets and wearables 

  • Touch & Interface Displays
    Sensors, modules, cost modeling and surveys of panel manufacturers in the growing market

Latest research

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  • oled materials.png


    OLED materials market posts solid growth, WOLED prospects shine

    The global market for organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) materials intended for display panels posted double-digit growth at the end of the second half of 2019, marked by a continuing shift away from the currently dominant FMM RGB OLED sector toward the rival WOLED sector.

  • C&D final 1.jpg


    Coronavirus disrupts display panel production in China

    The escalating coronavirus crisis is impacting production at display panel factories located in the semi-quarantined city of Wuhan, China, spurring a significant near-term reduction in the global supply of panels used in LCD televisions and other products.   

  • 2669 Graph 22–(738x440px)–(RGB)–V1.jpg


    Chinese display makers to reshape LCD-TV panel supply chain landscape

    Amid rising concerns about the availability of LCD panels from Korean firms, television brands are revising their sourcing strategies to make greater use of Chinese suppliers.

  • 2020 will be the year of 5G for all

    Consumer Electronics, Displays

    2020 will be the year of 5G for all

    5G is set to become the fastest-adopted mobile generation with a forecasted 63 million subscriptions by the end of 2020, despite some concerns over use cases and coverage capabilities.

  • glass area size forecast.jpg


    Quantum dot displays to spur premium display market growth

    Quantum Dot (QD) displays, groomed to be the core display technology for Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display, are expected to boost the growth of the premium display market. 

Display experts at Omdia.


Deborah Yang

Director, Display Supply Chain Taiwan 16 + years experience
Specialities include TV Display Supply Chain
Products covered Displays

Alex Kang

Principal Analyst, Display Outlook South Korea 15 + years experience
Specialities include AMOLED and LCD Supply Demand and Equipment, Display Market, Large Area Display Market and Production
Products covered Displays

Brian Huh

Principal Analyst, Small/Medium Displays South Korea 15 + years experience
Specialities include Display Market, OLED Market, Small Medium Display Market and Supply Chain, Automotive Display Market, Smartphone Display
Products covered Displays