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On-premise data centers, the crucial cloud partner.

To meet the soaring demands of digitization, compute infrastructures must cope with parallel operations on larger and larger data sets and the need for low latency and high-bandwidth connectivity. Wise compute consumption design choices, deploying workloads to achieve cost-performance at scale, are required.


Areas of investment for data centers over the next two years

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Source: Omdia


Billions and billions and billions.

With a 2023 off-premise cloud services market exceeding $400 billion, and server revenue nearly $100 billion and data center / server semiconductor revenues at some $50 billion in the same period alone, wise choices are necessary across the entire value chain…


Omdia_CliffordGrossner 2"The market for compute infrastructure faces several transitions driven by digitization of business processes and consumer lifestyles. Digitization will require organizations and their vendor partners to develop ever-more automated, powerful, integrated and secure infrastructures."

Cliff Grossner
Research Director
Cloud & Data Center




Only with Omdia.

The increasing optimization of compute power, storage and data made possible by employing cloud and colocation services accounts for huge growth for the data center, the cloud, the edge and beyond…

Overachieve with Omdia.

With unrivalled and interconnected insight into the business and technology trends that drive digital transformation by industry, competitor, vendor and by buyer spending intent, Omdia can help you take the Fourth Industrial Revolution by storm…

  • Compute Strategies & Technologies
    In-depth coverage of data center compute equipment and approaches used by enterprise, cloud and telecommunications providers

  • Cloud & Colocation Services
    Analysis, insights, and forecasts for CaaS, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, with market sizing and shares, purchasing surveys and scheduled briefings

  • Data Center Compute
    Global and regional market sizing & shares and analysis for servers, server equipment & multi-tenet software, network adaptors

  • Data Center Networking
    Extensive analysis of Ethernet switches (including purchases by port and segment), AD, SD-WAN and SAN equipment

  • Automated Data Networks
    Market size, vendor market share, forecasts, and market trends using SDN to enable automation

  • Data Center Storage
    Worldwide and regional market sizing & shares and insights for storage equipment and software-defined storage

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    Market intelligence and forecasts by power rating, topology, distribution channel, vertical application and vendor market shares

  • Data Center Rack Systems
    Detailed analysis for power distribution unit and rack/enclosure markets by product type & specification, application, vertical market, and sales channel

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Cloud & data center experts at Omdia.


Dennis Hahn

Senior Analyst, Cloud & Data Center USA 17 + years experience
Specialities include Cloud and Colocation, Data Center, UPS
Products covered Cloud & Data Center

Lucas Beran

Principal Analyst, Cloud & Data Center USA 4 + years experience
Specialities include Cloud and Colocation, Data Center, UPS
Products covered Cloud & Data Center

Cassandra Mooshian

Senior Analyst Boston, USA 11 + years experience
Specialities include Cloud, Data and forecasting
Products covered Cloud & Data Center