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The future of Ai is now.

The conversation is not how we define AI, but how we scope, deploy and scale to realize business value and benefits. By 2025 AI software revenues alone will reach $126 billion. To win, organizations must navigate the complex landscape of rapid technology advances and application.

Omdia brings you an unparalleled, holistic view into the world of artificial intelligence. Discover the impact of AI across industries and applications from processors and software to practical deployments. Assess your readiness and know your markets.


100 billion reasons.

Navigating the complex AI landscape equates largely to grasping vertical and horizontal markets and technologies to gain traction in a space where software revenues alone will rise six-fold to reach nearly $100 billion by 2025.


Annual AI software revenue by industry, World markets: 2018–25 ($m) 

Annual AI software revenue by industry, World markets: 2018–25 ($m)


Nothing is artificial about exhaustive AI market understanding and its application.

Rationalizing diverse AI performance parameters and business metrics for an ever-growing set of use cases across virtually every industry with rapid technology advances and multiple implementation models is required to win in the boundless world created by the prospects of AI…



"The conversation quickly moved from ‘How do we define AI?’ to ‘How do we scope and overcome the challenges of deploying and scaling AI?’ The new narrative is of how to win with AI as we are a scant few years from the  inflection point of real growth. It is critical for end users and providers to isolate the technologies, tools, and use cases in which they must invest."

Aditya Kaul
Research Director
Artificial Intelligence



Only with Omdia.

From reinforcement learning to robotics, from edge and quantum computing to vertical markets – with Omdia you see the complete picture with more clarity than any machine vision algorithm…

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Overachieve with Omdia.

Realize your maximum AI potential with an integrated focus that considers your marketplace position and affords the detail you demand… 

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Market sizing, tracking, vertical-specific use cases, and sector-wide analysis for consumer, enterprise, governmental, and more

  • Robotics
    Analysis, insights, and forecasts for applications and related automation technology dynamics across key markets

  • Advanced & High-Performance Computing
    Networking & storage hardware, quantum & optical computing, next-generation processor, and emerging software and systems paradigms

  • User-Interface Technologies & Approaches
    Continuous tracking of enabling efforts to advance user experiences across application domains, and adoption drivers and barriers

  • Data & Enterprise Analytics
    Role of transformation across the corpus of AI, open data, cybersecurity, regulation, and implementation models

Artificial intelligence experts at Omdia.


Aditya Kaul

Research Director UK 21 + years experience
Specialities include Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Technology
Products covered Omdia - Artificial Intelligence

Mark Beccue

Principal Analyst USA 20 + years experience
Specialities include Artificial Intelligence, Analytics
Products covered Artificial Intelligence

Eden Zoller

Principal Analyst, Smart Living UK 26 + years experience
Specialities include OTT, Process Automation and AI, Data Monetisation, ServiceProvider, Mobile Payments, Smart Home
Products covered Media & Entertainment