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Wholesalers must understand the pressures on their customers and do all that they can to respond.


  • Pricing of wholesale services continues to be one of the most important criteria to all buyers of wholesale services.
  • Wholesale customers are not only concerned about list prices for the services they use. They also evaluate discounts, payment terms, billing accuracy, and dispute-handling procedures.
  • The disparity between the importance of price to wholesale customers and the performance they receive from suppliers remains among the largest across all 15 of the criteria in buying decisions.

Features and Benefits

  • Explains how different customer groups' attitudes to the pricing of wholesale services have changed.
  • Assesses wholesalers' performance against service pricing and price flexibility criteria.
  • Explains what wholesalers can do to close the gap between price performance and customer needs.

Key questions answered

  • How do wholesale customers' attitudes to aspects of price differ?
  • What forms of price flexibility are demanded by wholesale customers?
  • How has the importance of Price criteria to wholesale customers changed between 2003 and 2018?
  • How has wholesalers' price performance changed between 2003 and 2018?

Table of contents


  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

The survey explained

  • Survey objectives
  • Criteria for purchasing decisions and performance evaluation
  • Representative sample

Attitudes to Price evolve

  • The importance of the Price criteria in wholesaler selection
  • Wholesaler performance against the Price criteria
  • Price criterion 1: Pricing
  • Price criterion 2: Price-vs.-quality flexibility


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author